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Did it snow in the UK? Well, Danny 'Dave' Norman didn't notice as he was in Ireland running at Malahide parkrun where it was snow free whilst Nicola gave it some welly around Leeds parkrun in the snow. Danny gives a speech on the 'run not a race' ethos and the Junior January interview is with 'The Awesomeness That Is Megan Eliza Stott'.

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This week Nicola went splishing through a giant puddle at Burnage parkrun, Danny went squelching through mud at Harrow Lodge parkrun and all whilst parkrun neared the 30,000 runner mark. They extrapolate numbers for the future of parkrun, welcome the first Junior into the 250 Club and this week's interview is with Ben Gibbons, the first Junior into the 100 Club.

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Into 2013 we go! Tales of New Years Day doubles, stats ahoy and record breaking attendance figures all over. Nicola went to Conkers and Leeds parkrun, Danny to Bushy and Kingston. They bring you news of Jo Pavey at Killerton, Kurt Fearnley at Newy parkrun and an interview with Aamir Murtaza. Plus some great Tweets of the Week.

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It's the New Year's Eve show and therefore the last show of 2012. Nicola went to Norwich parkrun on parkrunmas and Ipswich parkrun on parkrunday, whilst Danny went to Bushy parkrun on parkrunmas and Eastbourne parkrun on parkrunday. They take a look back on the past year's highlights and have the first Junior January interview.

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Nicola wishes you all "a very merry Christmas" and Danny Grinch declares "bah humbug!". This week Nicola completed her 100th Leeds parkrun, Danny went to a very muddy Cambridge parkrun with his parents and ran in a King Danny hat and they both sing you a couple of Christmas Carols... badly.

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This week Nicola managed to walk on water at Leeds parkrun and Danny was running across a runway at Newbury parkrun. They bring you news on Chrissie Wellington's first parkrun, Ryan Brookling's 100th first finish, the passing of barcode inventor Norman Woodland and Tom Williams returns to the show as this week's interview.

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This week Danny and Nicola bring you a Christmas jingle, an interview with Helen Trebble from Killerton parkrun, read your emails and tweets and tell you about their parkrunday. There are no prizes for guessing where Nicola was whilst Danny went to the seaside at Southend.

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The longest parkrun show ever! It's got a bumper sized interview with Sandra Bowers coupled with a lot of waffle from Thingy and Nicey. Nicola, well she went to "You know where" parkrun and Danny snuck in and out of Yorkshire to do Graves parkrun, which he doesn't think is that tough. They also announce the pPOTY 2012 winners and detail the difference between parkrun UK and parkrun Global.

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Nicola got back to parkrunning ways at her home of Leeds parkrun whilst using Poppy as a baby baton whilst "Danny God" went to the inaugural Upton Court parkrun in Slough. They bring you 'Man Clap', tell you about Sandra Bowers' 15:48 at Newbury parkrun and quiz each other on their parkrun knowledge thanks to Chris Cowell.

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Were you naked? Did you forgo the gadgets this past parkrunday? We chat about the first International Day of Running Naked and read your feedback online. Nicola took Poppy to her second parkrun to see her parkrun family at Leeds and made it on time whilst Danny went to the inaugural Alice Holt parkrun... but to the chagrin of Nicola didn't go naked of gadget!

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