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Warning! There may be awful singing contained! In this week's show Tom is confused as to just what Danny makes him play along with and speaks of being at Bushy parkrun with two legendary Olympians. Danny goes into a world of his own in this tribute to Labyrinth the movie and suffers indignity at Bushy Junior parkrun once again. The pair also bring you news of another batch of super juniors and tales from parkruns around the world.

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With great parkrunning comes great responsibility. In this week's show Martin ran 16:61 at Poole and spoke of a new unblocked funnel, Tom was back in Harrogate but this time running and trying to 'hulk smash' a Comeback PB and Danny fell in love with a park called Valentines. They also bring you news of 12 year old Abbie Burrett who ran her 100th parkrun and found out what your alter ego's do during the day.

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In this week's show Martin was given the "no parkrunning allowed stare" from wife Liz, Tom was in Harrogate to welcome in another Yorkshire parkrun and Danny eats his words about set targets thanks to a bad case of wind in York. They also bring you news of super Lizzie Adams at Barrow parkrun and a comprehensive list of some celebrities/namesakes to have taken part at a parkrun.

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the parkrun show pays homage to the great Roman Empire this week as Danny took part in the St Albans parkrun in Verulamium Park. Martin was tied to the sofa whilst zipping up his manflu suit, Tom was present in York at the largest field to assemble at an inaugural parkrun and Danny gets back to near PB shape in his home county of Hertfordshire. They also bring you the winning name of the parkrun Blackbird and let you know about the Barnsley parkrun Smackdown Challenge.

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Happy New Year! Martin was a Poole parkrun party popper, Tom details his new full time job with parkrun and Danny reviews his journey as one of the 52 parkrunners to do the New Years Day Trifecta.

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Tom recounts in detail his Easy Peasy 10; all 10 Yorkshire parkrun events on the shortest Saturday of the year, Martin is absent this week and Danny gets in the spirit of things at Bromley parkrun with his oversized Santa hat. Tom and Danny regale the listeners with the '12 days of parkrun', a listener busts out the shapes to YMCA and the winning name of the parkrun fox is announced!

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If you love your memes then you'll love this week's show. Martin was glorious victorious as he smacked down Danny with his parkrun PB at Brighton, Tom was celebrating his friend Russell Gardham's 100th parkrun at Leeds Hyde Park and Danny went to Wormwood Scrubs prison and protected his P.L.U.M.S.

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Nicola Forwood gets a mention or two, Martin went bonkers in Conkers, Tom committed the cardinal sin of forgetting his barcode and Danny went to the most beautiful parkrun in the world in Milton Keynes. Plus, the guys give a rundown of the best parkrun/film pun combos the community could come up with.

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