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This week Nicola has a close shave on the ice at home, Danny went small with tbrciS at Cranleigh parkrun and he apologises a lot over small mistakes. They also talk about large attendances, runners getting lost and the third junior to reach 50 junior parkruns.

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In this week's show Nicola made the 250 Club, Danny ran with a Tealeaf and they announce an important decision for the future. Danny also reveals he's in his vet's bad books.

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NYD runs ahoy! Nicola was at Brueton, Kingsbury Water and Woodhouse Moor(!) parkruns whilst Danny did his traditional double of Bushy/Kingston but then was at Panshanger parkrun on the normal Saturday. They talk Cross Country logistics, family benchmarks and a little about towels.

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Post-Christmas confusion reigns. There are some stats that may be correct and an array of people hitting benchmarks all over parkrunworld. Nicola and Danny were parkrunning on Christmas Day, whilst Danny profiles Buckingham parkrun after his visit there on parkrunday itself.

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A warm and bubbly, yet also shambolic statistic infused podcast pre-Christmas! Nicola had a chaotic parkrun whilst Danny had a fun one. They talk about Ron Hill's 50 years of running, Ultra-parkrun communities and Crisis at Christmas.

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Christmassy jingle confusion! pPOTY 2014! Most Events table details! Nicola celebrated arbitrary whilst Danny went to the very new Brentwood parkrun in Essex. Another show with all the usual fun.

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In this week's show alongside discussion of volunteer topics Nicola runs for the potty whilst Danny runs and goes. They discuss spelling things using parkrun event names, special parkrunners at Bere Island parkrun and much more.

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A stacked show this week. Nicola went to the inevitable location, but they had Kerri French at Yeovil Montacute parkrun whilst Danny revisited Tilgate parkrun. They talk about the parkrun book, PPOTY and rehoming cats amongst many other things.

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This week: French Dreamies, cheesy crisps plus conservation legislation and geological conservation designations. Nicola gives a concise mention of Leeds parkrun whilst Danny gives Richmond parkrun their first ever profile on the show.

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It starts with a cat attack and ends with a bonnet de douche. Nicola went to Clumber Park parkrun where she was quizzed whilst Danny went to Colwick parkrun and was engrossed. They celebrate the Lord Chairman's 250, empathise with fellow admins and chat Wilson Kipsang and Dennis Kimetto.

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