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We hope you had a Merry Christmas! The guys review the parkrun packed festive weekend with Martin dressing up in a Santa outfit with a beard and pigtails in Poole, Tom had much joy run directing at Sewerby on the Eve and running at Leeds Hyde Park on the main day and Danny did three parkruns in three days in three different locations. There are tales of moving Nativity scenes, Christmas parkrun passes plus Paul Sinton-Hewitt and Crispy Wright give the listeners their own messages.

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Tom recounts in detail his Easy Peasy 10; all 10 Yorkshire parkrun events on the shortest Saturday of the year, Martin is absent this week and Danny gets in the spirit of things at Bromley parkrun with his oversized Santa hat. Tom and Danny regale the listeners with the '12 days of parkrun', a listener busts out the shapes to YMCA and the winning name of the parkrun fox is announced!

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The Marathon Talk stars aligned at Bushy parkrun this week, with Martin chasing Danny down (but who was first over the line?), and Tom ran a well earned "Comeback PB". News of Awards galore in Bedford, a fond farewell to a Basingstoke great, we find out what types of running shoe you own and we hear your thoughts on Liz Jones' anti-sport article.

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Whilst Tom was in Geneva doing l'Escalade and Martin was doing 0.7 miles more than a Marathon along the Jurassic Coast, Danny was slip sliding around Ally Pally with a collective of parkrun nomads and asking the kids what they think the parkrun fox should be called. They also introduced and announced the first unofficial 'PPOTY's Ron Trodd and Kerry Noble.

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If you love your memes then you'll love this week's show. Martin was glorious victorious as he smacked down Danny with his parkrun PB at Brighton, Tom was celebrating his friend Russell Gardham's 100th parkrun at Leeds Hyde Park and Danny went to Wormwood Scrubs prison and protected his P.L.U.M.S.

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We go Down Under this week and look at the inaugural Melbourne parkrun, Martin went walkabout on Saturday and did a parkrun Freedom at Poole instead, Tom was keeping warm in a Sheffield log cabin and Danny went to Highbury Fields to get a record. Plus, Martin and Danny continue the smack talk over who will be fastest at Brighton parkrun.

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Nicola Forwood gets a mention or two, Martin went bonkers in Conkers, Tom committed the cardinal sin of forgetting his barcode and Danny went to the most beautiful parkrun in the world in Milton Keynes. Plus, the guys give a rundown of the best parkrun/film pun combos the community could come up with.

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the parkrun show - Baby, you're a firework!

Martin was parkrun isolated and looking to buy a 5k long piece of string, Tom went to McDonalds, Danny "Pities the fool", they ponder if there should be a Fergal Bloomer loaf available and a bunch of clowns cancel a parkrun.

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All the way from Frankfurt for the parkrun show Halloween Special, a non-parkrunning 'threepeat' with Martin and Danny both at Frankfurt Marathon and Tom volunteering in Leeds.We found out what you eat before your fave 5k, what scary creature you'd run as, and celebrated the youth! 

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the parkrun show - Heigh-Ho!

A bit of dwarf spotting, Tom returns and talks about having three legs, Martin finally finishes in first place and Danny went down to the woods four years later than he should have.

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Tom's away with wife and child being a podfather, Danny declares war on Vespula Vulgaris and Martin's been avoiding nudists in Poole.

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Comeback PB's, not warming up, Saturday morning Pymmes, winning streaks, and 149 not out for a VW75...

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