the parkrun show

All the way from Frankfurt for the parkrun show Halloween Special, a non-parkrunning 'threepeat' with Martin and Danny both at Frankfurt Marathon and Tom volunteering in Leeds.We found out what you eat before your fave 5k, what scary creature you'd run as, and celebrated the youth! 

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the parkrun show - Heigh-Ho!

A bit of dwarf spotting, Tom returns and talks about having three legs, Martin finally finishes in first place and Danny went down to the woods four years later than he should have.

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Tom's away with wife and child being a podfather, Danny declares war on Vespula Vulgaris and Martin's been avoiding nudists in Poole.

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Comeback PB's, not warming up, Saturday morning Pymmes, winning streaks, and 149 not out for a VW75...

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