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Nicola 'Vomit Face' Forwood made snow angels at Leeds parkrun whilst Danny ran at the non-snowy Pymmes parkrun v2.0. They highlight Wondiye Fikre Indelbu, interview Kerry Noble, talk tweets and fish for five stars.

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Knowing me Danny Norman, knowing you Nicola Forwood. This week Nicola flew over to Concord parkrun and sets Danny off on one about the Longest parkrun, whilst Danny tells us about going to Norfolk where he ran a PW at Carla 'Bug In Mar Ar!' Potter's inaugural Mulbarton parkrun. They also talk French, about Morgan Freeman and speak Grumpy Cat-ese.

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Nicola went to Leeds. Again. Danny went to Oak Hill parkrun. Again. But for the first time in 19 months. They announce a new inaugural parkrun record attendance, bring you an interview with Anita Afonso and appeal for potw's.

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A smaller but perfectly formed show this week. Nicola has a poorly foot so volunteered at Leeds parkrun and Danny chose toughness with a trip to Lloyd parkrun in Croydon. They talk about Harlem Shaking, 250 Club octogenarians and parkrun tattoos plus bring you an interview with a parkrun pioneer.

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