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It's time to say goodbye with an array of farewells in store. Nicola went to Wetherby parkrun, Danny went to celebrate with Darren Wood at Frimley Lidge as Darren finished his 500th parkrun but amongst all that the show reflects on the past three and a half years, thanks everyone involved and hears from a bunch of familiar voices. All that's left to say is kthxbai.

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The penultimate show is here and in it Nicola went to Halifax parkrun's third event, Danny went to the Maidenhead parkrun inaugural (tut tut) plus they talk about crotchitting, poxes and look forward to the big 500 for Darren Wood.

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In this week's show Nicola double-knots at Roundhay parkrun, Danny gets gifts at Chichester parkrun, Tees Barrage parkrun whisper and they string things out to make Vicky Dick run longer.

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In this week's show it's all about the length. Nicola was stuck in a car garage but still managed to parkrun whilst Danny went to the very new Cassiobury parkrun in Watford. They discuss course measurement, volunteering figures and more.

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In this week's show Nicola wishes for another to FTB whilst Danny fulfilled a two year promise of a visit to Wimpole Estate parkrun. They discuss a 250+1 Clubber, make apologies for man-flu mistakes and discuss a course change at the cradle of parkrun.

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In this week's show Nicola's busy being a social butterfly whilst poorly Danny revisited 'Chilly' Fields parkrun. They congratulate six new 250 Clubbers, one of whom is the youngest ever, announce the 40th Cowell Clubber plus read your Facebook General Interest comments.

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In this week's show Den Den Brandrick stands in for Nicola whilst Danny regales us with tales of going long at Bushy parkrun. They discuss Kiwinglish as well as letters from listeners about feeling at home at parkrun.

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In this week's show Danny went to the very new South Oxhey parkrun and was all about the pace, Nicola went to Temple Newsam parkrun's second anniversary and they discuss Cowells, Owls, Towels and Shades of Grey.

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In this week's show Danny had his parkrun put on ice in Southampton, you know where Nicola went, they discuss snow, politics, LBC Radio, lost keys, warm roofs and all the sorts of things you'd associate with parkrun.

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In this weeks show; Benjamin the cat, undisclosed parkrun locations, Danny at Guildford parkrun, Cowell Clubbers, Darren Wood baby news, news of Chris Evans and a few tweets. Oh, Nicola went to Woodhouse Moor parkrun too.

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This week Nicola has a close shave on the ice at home, Danny went small with tbrciS at Cranleigh parkrun and he apologises a lot over small mistakes. They also talk about large attendances, runners getting lost and the third junior to reach 50 junior parkruns.

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In this week's show Nicola made the 250 Club, Danny ran with a Tealeaf and they announce an important decision for the future. Danny also reveals he's in his vet's bad books.

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NYD runs ahoy! Nicola was at Brueton, Kingsbury Water and Woodhouse Moor(!) parkruns whilst Danny did his traditional double of Bushy/Kingston but then was at Panshanger parkrun on the normal Saturday. They talk Cross Country logistics, family benchmarks and a little about towels.

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