the parkrun show

In this weeks show; Benjamin the cat, undisclosed parkrun locations, Danny at Guildford parkrun, Cowell Clubbers, Darren Wood baby news, news of Chris Evans and a few tweets. Oh, Nicola went to Woodhouse Moor parkrun too.

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This week Nicola has a close shave on the ice at home, Danny went small with tbrciS at Cranleigh parkrun and he apologises a lot over small mistakes. They also talk about large attendances, runners getting lost and the third junior to reach 50 junior parkruns.

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In this week's show Nicola made the 250 Club, Danny ran with a Tealeaf and they announce an important decision for the future. Danny also reveals he's in his vet's bad books.

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NYD runs ahoy! Nicola was at Brueton, Kingsbury Water and Woodhouse Moor(!) parkruns whilst Danny did his traditional double of Bushy/Kingston but then was at Panshanger parkrun on the normal Saturday. They talk Cross Country logistics, family benchmarks and a little about towels.

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