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It's time to say goodbye with an array of farewells in store. Nicola went to Wetherby parkrun, Danny went to celebrate with Darren Wood at Frimley Lidge as Darren finished his 500th parkrun but amongst all that the show reflects on the past three and a half years, thanks everyone involved and hears from a bunch of familiar voices. All that's left to say is kthxbai.

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The penultimate show is here and in it Nicola went to Halifax parkrun's third event, Danny went to the Maidenhead parkrun inaugural (tut tut) plus they talk about crotchitting, poxes and look forward to the big 500 for Darren Wood.

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In this week's show Nicola double-knots at Roundhay parkrun, Danny gets gifts at Chichester parkrun, Tees Barrage parkrun whisper and they string things out to make Vicky Dick run longer.

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In this week's show it's all about the length. Nicola was stuck in a car garage but still managed to parkrun whilst Danny went to the very new Cassiobury parkrun in Watford. They discuss course measurement, volunteering figures and more.

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In this week's show Nicola wishes for another to FTB whilst Danny fulfilled a two year promise of a visit to Wimpole Estate parkrun. They discuss a 250+1 Clubber, make apologies for man-flu mistakes and discuss a course change at the cradle of parkrun.

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